Down in Front! – Part 6

This is the final post in a series investigating my biggest pet peeve with Indians baseball- the fact that visiting teams fans always seemed to be in some of the best seats in Progressive Field. Using my account, I have put this peeve to the test, going through each home game to see if foreign fans had made it into the front rows.

The Tribe stumbled into September on a 5-game losing skid. They were 8.5 games behind the Tigers in the division, and most importantly (for this little project) our fans were tied 30-30 with the visiting clubs. Just one month left, here’s how it played out…

9-2-13 Orioles

On the 2nd, a 7-2 loss to the O’s soured the start of a homestand while the blurry Baltimore backers in the top, right corner gave their fans a win too.

9-3-13 Orioles

Less that 10,000 fans managed to make it to Progressive on 9/3 but luckily these grandmas came to support their Tribe!

9-4-13 Orioles

Purple shirt is clogging up the good seats while the Indians jersey wearing fans are relegated to the 4th row. It’s a win, though.

9-6-13 Mets

Friday the 6th saw an 8-1 win and a young lady in the front row who was disgusted at the thought of a Mets fan sitting in her section. That’s three straight for the team and the fans!

9-7-13 Mets

While Tribe fans lost the war on the 7th, the certainly won this battle. I’m pretty sure that Cleveland couple is sticking a tongue out AND throwing some serious side-eye at the polo=wearing Mets fans.

9-8-13 Mets

Obviously Monday is laundry day in Cleveland because it looks like everyone’s Indians clothes were too dirty to wear to the game. The Mets fans on the far right packed enough for the weekend, though.

9-9-13 Royals

While the team won for the 6th time in 8 games, the Tribe faithful dropped their 3rd straight, thanks to a lady in a white KC crewneck. That’s right, a white sweatshirt. Let that sink in.

9-10-13 Royals

Tuesday the 10th must’ve been another off laundry night but this one Tribe fan gets the win!

9-11-13 Royals

9-11 saw one rouge Royals fan sneak in. Fun fact, I have only met one Royals fan in my entire life. No fooling. One.

9-19-13 Astros

I’m not even going to complain about this fan loss to the Astros on the 19th because

  1. It was the start of a 10-game win streak for the Tribe
  2. Not to blow the rest of the article, but this was the last fan loss of the regular season
  3. Only 12,606 other people bothered to go to this game
  4. The Astros were 51-101 entering this game, but this guy still shelled out some good money to sit close and support his team.

9-20-13 Astros

Went wide angle for this one but no Astros fans could be found. One guy in Indians gear had a great seat, though…

9-20-13 Cory

That’s right, CORY SNYDER was at the game! His Indians polo was a couple sizes too big but who cares? He’s CORY FREAKING SNYDER!

9-21-13 Astros

Oh hey, our team has won two-in-a-row and are fighting for a playoff spot, let’s break out the Tribe gear!

9-22-13 Astros

Sunday the 22nd saw a 9-2 win to finish off a four-game sweep and a return of Tribe pride. Props for the little fan in the front row with the fuzzy Slider hat!

9-24-13 White Sox

Tuesday the 24th: 5 straight wins for the Tribe, 4 straight wins for the fans

9-25-13 White Sox

Giambi stares down the 6th straight team win and 5th straight fan win. Way to finish strong, Cleveland!

So after 81 home games here is our final tally

39 games for Indians fans

36 games for visiting fans

5 games with no team apparel

1 game with no shot of our section in question


Thanks to the Tribe’s improbable 10 wins to close out the season, Cleveland would see postseason baseball for the first time since 2007. Progressive Field was packed. Electric. Red…with a speck of powder blue

10-2-13 Rays

One run and one fan end a dream season with a double loss.

So after going through this entire process, I would say that I have a legitimate beef. Almost half of the Indians home games feature foreign fans in very visible seats. I don’t know if the Indians need to take a look at the season ticket holders in this area or what the resale market, but it looks really bad when we can’t even get our own fans in the front rows. Maybe things will be different in 2014. Maybe the playoff run will make tickets less available. Maybe we can keep those darn Tiger fans and their signs in the cheap seats! Maybe I’ll keep track of this season too, just to see…

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  1. Joe Gordon

    Just because someone wears an article of clothing with a name or logo on it doesn’t mean they are a ‘fan’ of said logo or name and yes that includes sporting events and sporting teams.

  2. Jason Whitt

    That’s true Joe, but I think we can assume that if you are wearing a logo of a team that is playing in the game you are attending, there’s a good chance you are a fan.

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