Down in Front! – Part 5

This post is the continuation of an in-depth look at a big pet peeve of mine- visitng team fans getting some of the best seats in Progressive Field. I’ve been going through every home game of the 2013 season and looking for foreign fans in the sections right behind the left-handed batters box. The Indians entered August as hot as could be- the team was riding a 7 game winning streak and the fans had closed out July by keeping away fans away in 6 of the last 8 games. Could the momentum keep up through the dog days of August?

The Tribe finished off a 4-game sweep of the White Sox and moved just two games behind the Tigers in the AL Central. Tribe fans also let their colors fly.

8-1-13 White Sox

After the White Sox win, the Indians took two of three in Miami and returned for a HUGE series with the first-place Tigers. The fans came out in full force too. The Tigers fans…

8-5-13 Tigers


August 6th is a dark day for this project. It’s one thing to have Tiger fans in the front row, but it’s another thing when they come with a PILE of signs! This game is so offensive it gets THREE pictures…

This fella knew he was getting on TV in these seats because he brought sign begging Rod to call him…




8-6-13 Tigers


…and apparently Rod got the message.

8-6-13 Tigers B


Then the worst. THE GUY STARTS BLOWING KISSES! BLOWING KISSES!!! How are we letting this happen?!?!

8-6-13 Tigers C


Things didn’t get much better on the 7th, still a front row filled with Detroit supporters.

8-7-13 Tigers


The Tribe lost a 10-3 stinker on the 8th. Four game sweep for Detroit and its fans.

8-8-13 Tigers


The Indians August free-fall carried over to the Angels series as a young fan managed to plant himself right next to the FOX Sports logo.

8-9-13 Angels


The kid had the same seat for game number two of the series. Oddly enough, someone in a bright green shirt sat in front of him both days.

8-10-13 Angels


Finally on the 10th, the Indians snapped their six-game losing streak while the fans ended a five-game skid. It look like our young Angels fan was back, but without anything Angels. He looked pretty miserable too.

8-11-13 Angels


Cleveland’s Nine returned from a nine game west coast trip on the 23rd and one salty old Twins fan ruined the party.

8-23-13 Twins


Cleveland fans came out on the 24th, thanks to Nick Swisher jersey night. But what’s with Mr. Blue & Yellow in the front row?

8-24-13 Twins


The team and fans closed out the home schedule with back-to-back wins on the 25th, more importantly though, is that a Wahoo on Swisher’s eye black??

8-25-13 Twins


The Tribe had it’s worst month on the field, going 12-16 in August, the fans didn’t do so hot either, dropping the month 4-7 and falling into a 30-30 tie with the visiting fans for the season.

It was a September to remember on the field. We’ll have to see if the fans can pull it out too!

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