Down in Front! – Part 4

This is the latest installment in a series that is putting one of my pet peeves to the test. It seems to me that some of the best seats in Progressive Field are always filled with visiting fans, so to prove this theory, I am going through the entire 2013 home schedule to see if I really do have a reason to be peeved. A strong showing in June pushed Indians fans into the lead, 20-15. Now let’s see if they could avoid a summer swoon in July!

Coming off a 7-4 road swing, the Indians were heating up but the fans couldn’t keep one Tiger fan from sneaking into the front row for a Friday the 5th game.

7-5-13 Tigers


Detroit rolled 7-0 the night before so fans must’ve been too embarrassed to break out their Tribe wear. Tigers too. It’s a push.

7-6-13 Tigers


Back-to-back wins meant it was time for this Tiger fan to break out his Sunday polo. Wahoo won on the field, 9-6.

7-7-13 Tigers


Detroit must have taken a long weekend because two fans made it into our section. not really sure what jersey the front row fan is wearing but another Old English D is lurking a few rows back. Even more entertaining is the make out session happening on the left. Take special note of light blue polo’s side eye, the angry kid behind the couple, and the fella picking his nose.

7-8-13 Tigers


The Indians lost three of four to the Tigers and the fans did one worse. Things didn’t improve on Tuesday the 9th as Jays fans made it up front and the only Indians fan was wearing a yellow jersey?!? Is that a no-contact look??

7-9-13 Blue Jays


Forget Mexico- border security to the north seems to be a real issue.

7-10-13 Blue Jays



7-11-13 Blue Jays


After the mid-week Canadian invasion, Tribe fans needed a rally and it started on Friday the 12th.

7-12-13 Royals


Saturday the 13th posed a problem. The game was not actually televised -a crime because of the Indians glorious all navy throwback uniforms! has the game in its archive but there are only 3 or 4 camera angles- none of which showed our section. We’ll have to call it a push.

The Tribe rode a three-game winning streak into Sunday and the fans could care less. One kid showed up in a hat, but in this brutal month a win is a win.

7-17-13 Royals


The All-Star break and a six- game road swing must have made Tribe fans hungry for baseball because they came out strong on Friday the 26th.

7-26-13 Rangers


Saturday saw two Texas fans just as confused as the team- are we red or blue? either way they lost a beauty of a pitchers duel as Masterson outlasted Darvish for a 1-0 win.

7-27-13 Rangers


Indians fans needed to finish the month strong and this guy broke out his navy jersey to pick up the Sunday win. Tribe completed the sweep with a 6-0 win too.

7-28-13 Rangers


Riding a four-game win streak, the Wahoos welcomed the White Sox and one person managed to wear their Indians jersey.

7-29-13 White Sox


What we have here is a blurry case of bad parenting. That young man needs a better hat.

7-30-13 White Sox


I think this might be the same kid but now in an Indians hat. So…good parenting? And Tribe fans finish what started as a rough month with a win!

7-31-13 White Sox


After going 0-6-1 to start July, Indians fans made it a respectable loss with 6 wins 8 losses and 2 push games. Heading into August, Tribe fans clung to a 26-23 lead.

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