Down in Front! – Part 3

Last season I carried on and complained that there always seemed to be visiting fans in some of the choicest seats in Progressive Field. This location, just behind the lefty batter’s box, near the Visitor’s Dugout, gets a lot of airtime during broadcasts and I couldn’t believe that so many visiting fans could get such a great view. So I decided to put my hypothesis to the test. Using my account, I am going through each home game of the 2013 season to see just how many times this section of seats was infiltrated by foreign fans. So far, the visitors held a slight advantage: 13 games to 12, but the Tribe was coming on strong with a good May following a weak April. Time to see if the feathered faithful made us proud in June.

The Indians and Rays were in the middle of a three game series to start the month and fans were SO EXCITED that exactly one guy in the section thought to wear his Tribe hat. Indians won 5-0 on the field and that fella got them a win in the stands too!

6-1-13 Rays

A few more folks caught the spirit for Sunday’s getaway day. Even the bro in the front row managed the right color cap. Little did these folks know that the Tribe was about to go on an eight game bender.

6-2-13 Rays

Cleveland’s club stumbled back home after a 2-7 road swing to take on Nationals and gridlock must’ve kept the DC in the Capitol. June 14th was a 2-1 win for the team and blurry win for our section, thanks to Navy Jersey Man.

6-14-13 Nationals

33,307- the largest crowd since Opening Day packed the Prog on Saturday June 15th and in the high rent district, they were sporting plenty of pride.

6-15-13 Nationals

The Tribe knocked off Strasburg and the fans came out strong again to pick up the Front Rows Sweep. Some guy in the fourth row got confused and broke out his Browns shirt a few months too early, though.

6-16-13 Nationals

All good things must come to an end, including a perfect streak of no foreign fans in June- and of all the teams to break the streak, it was the Royals! Even the fella in the Block C hat is embarrassed that Royals fans snuck in.

6-17-13 Royals

Boy, the fan streak ended and the Indians lost the night before, so Tuesday the 18th became apathy day. Luckily Pepsi girl saw fit to wear her Tribe shirt, nabbing a win for the home folks. Oh, and the team won 4-3 also.

6-18-13 Royals

I thought both team and fans were in for back-to-back wins until somebody reached for a nacho, allowing his KC to come out. Even Michael Bourn was shocked. Tribe doubled up the Royals 6-3 to take the series.

6-19-13 Royals

After a day off, the Twins came to town to close out a nine-game homestand. Friday the 21st was a 5-1 for the team and a win in the stands as well.

6-21-13 Twins

Went with the wide angle from Saturday’s game to give Minnesota more of a shot but our sections were a sea of C’s…and Wahoos.

6-22-13 Twins

Looking to end a strong month, Indians fans let one slip by as a lone Twins jersey snuck into the 4th row for Sunday the 23rd’s series and homestand finale.

6-23-13 Twins

It was a massive month for Tribe fans as they outlasted the competition 8 games to 2! Thanks to that strong showing, the home team moved into the lead 20 games to 15. The Indians would hit the road for 11 straight (and win 7 of those) as they rallied into July.



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