Down in Front! – Part 1

Uni-Watch had a post recently on Pet Peeves in sports and that got me thinking; what was MY biggest Pet Peeve. I ran down a list: the Steelers, the demise of team shoes in college basketball, televised tennis. But there was one peeve that has been stuck in my craw for the last few years. Over the last few seasons, it seems like there have been visiting fans sitting in some of the best seats in Progressive Field. As an Indians fan, this irks me! Seemingly every game has a Tiger fan, or a White Sox fan grinning from their front row seat right behind the lefty batter’s box. I know this because they get on TV almost every time a lefty is batting! So with the help of my account, I have decided to go back through the 2013 season and put my Peeve to the test. Are there really THAT many opposing fans in those seats or does it just stick out when they’re there?

We’ll start with April. Thankfully my premise was wrong for Opening Day. With the Yankees in town and the Tribe debuts of Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn, I would assume that the actual seat owners (and Tribe fans) were in their seats.

4-8-13 Yankees

Game number two brought our first outbreak for foreign fandom.

4-9-13 Yankees

Bad weather chased away the pinstripes but cold temperatures and Pale Hosers blew in on Friday the 12th.

4-12-13 White Sox

Saturday the 13th brought more cold weather and an undercover Tribe fan. At first I thought he was wearing a Texas Rangers hat but I think it’s actually from a high school using the “T” logo.

4-13-13 White Sox

Fanship took a backseat to warmth on Sunday the 14th, even though the gametime temp was 45.

4-14-13 White Sox

Thanks to the MLB schedule-maker, the Indians saw two large draws in the Yankees and Red Sox visit on consecutive April weeks. These probably would’ve been sell-outs on warmer weekends, instead just 9,143 came out for the Tuesday April 16th game. That number included this fella in his Sawx jacket. (also note the black band on Michael Brantley’s sleeve for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing)

4-16-13 Red Sox

Game two of the Boston series brought a pack of Sawx fans, including a guy representing America along with his Boston cap.

4-17-13 Red Sox

The final game of the series finally saw signs of life from Indians fans- even if it was a vested jersey from 2002 sitting next to a Boston hat & jacket combo.

4-18-13 Red Sox

After a 2-6 start at home, the Indians hit the road for nine games before returning home to close out the month with the Phillies. This one was a push but let’s examine the Phillie fans. Looks like Mom & Son in matching jerseys and then if you look in the top-right, there’s an old powder blue and burgundy jersey.

4-30-13 Phillies

So after the month of April, the record for our seats was 2 games all Indians, 6 games with visiting fans, and one game with plain clothes.

Click here for May’s results.


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